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Puzzle frame 100-2000 pieces

Product ratings:
Tailor-made for our photo puzzles
with 100-2000 pieces
Aluminium frame: silver, mat
Real premium quality glass ¹
from €24.99 €21.99

Product description

Put your personal photo puzzle in the right spotlight with a beautiful puzzle frame. The silver coloured aluminium frame turns your puzzle into a piece of art that becomes an eye-catcher on every thinkable wall. It will please the eye of your guests and make you escape from every day.

Enjoy the feeling of being sure that your photo puzzle is in a secure place. There is no doubt that our puzzle frames belong to the most useful accessories.

Puzzle frame for photo puzzle; Detailed view corner


Our frame packaging is made of tight fitting sturdy materials and therefore very suitable to ship frames. The frames are wrapped in impact-proof bubble-foil, which protects the frame from within, whereas a double wall cardboard ensures the protection of the frame from the outside. Protected outside, secured inside. After all, your frame will have to endure the transporting process.

Size of the puzzle frames:

Puzzle frame size

Frame profile:

Frame profile

Glass thickness:

Glass thickness

Tips & ideas

Puzzle frame 100-2000 pieces instructions

Please find the most important steps that will help you to handle your 100-2000 pieces puzzle frame below.

Instructions puzzle frame step 1

Step 1

Take the glass from the frame and put it on top of the jigsaw.

Instructions puzzle frame step 2

Step 2

Pick up the surface on which you have put the jigsaw, together with the puzzle and the glass and turn it around carefully.

Instructions puzzle frame step 3

Step 3

Take the rear panel and put it on the back of the jigsaw with the clips and the hang up connections upwards.

Instructions puzzle frame step 4

Step 4

Finally the glass front, the rear panel and in between the jigsaw can be put carefully into the frame.

Instructions puzzle frame step 5

Step 5

Push each of the clips slightly down and attach them to the frame.


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Frequently asked questions

Are the frames (with real glass) packaged break proof?
We have developed special shipping packages to go sure that your puzzle frame arrives undamaged. If despite all the precaution a damage should occur, please contact our customer service. We will take care of a replacement immediately.
Do I have to glue my photo puzzle before framing it?
No, this is not really necessary. The photo puzzle will find its hold within the puzzle frame without the help of glue.
Can't I just buy a standard frame around the corner and put my photo puzzle in?
Unfortunately not. We know from customers who tried this out, that they missed the perfect fit. Our frames are really tailor made and fit exactly to the millimeter to our photo puzzles.
The synthetic glass of the 2000 pieces puzzle frame has a smooth- and a coarse surface. Which side has to be up?
This depends on which effect you want to make use of: with the coarse surface up, the photo puzzle is protected against light reflecting. With the smooth surface up, the photo puzzle appears brighter. Under certain conditions, this may however cause mirroring.
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¹For security reasons the frame for the photo puzzle with 2000 pieces is produced with high quality synthetic glass.