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Photo Pairs

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Creatable card surface
With individual game box
36 or 72 cards (6 x 6 cm)
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Product description

How is it possible that a photo pairs game always seems to leave an everlasting impression on children as well as on adults? Quite easy, a Photo Pairs game with your own pictures is not only a very original gift idea; it is also great playing fun for the whole family. Create your personal Photo Pairs with only a few mouse clicks. Every picture automatically appears on two cards. The meaning of the game is to remember the pictures and find matching pairs. The rules of the game are easy to understand for all generations.

Watch your beloved photographs again while playing

The game cards, which have been created by you, will show good friends, funny animals or special places - and these pictures are all from your personal photo archives. This makes the search for matching pairs quite interesting. Playing the game would be another terrific way to amuse yourself once again with your pictures, a nice occasion to recall pleasant experiences.

The box for the Photo Pairs game

Noble and useful: the very stable game box is the best place to keep your Photo Pairs cards in. To complete your photo pairs, we even print a special dedication or a simple text on top of the box. If you would like to use this personally created card game as a special gift, you can turn the game box into a gift box with one of our prepared templates. Designing this gift already makes a lot of fun!

  • Individual box at no extra costs
  • Personal title or dedication
  • Available in blue, yellow or red
  • One pair can be chosen to be printed on the box
Photo Pairs box colours

Age recommendation

from 4 years


The playing cards come within the chosen game box and have to be removed from the die cut sheet that holds them.

Recommended minimum resolution of the images

The printing result strongly depends on the resolution of the photographs. For the single Photo Pairs cards we recommend the following image size (WxH):
803 x 803 pixels

Important: Please do take care that your photograph does not have an insufficient sharpness or a deviating tint and be sure that it has not been underexposed. If there should be any doubt about the quality of some of your pictures, please send us these images by e-mail and wait for our reply before placing an order. We will be glad to check your image beforehand.

Photo pairs game with own images

Size of the game box

Size of the Photo Pairs game box

Size of the Matching Pairs cards

Size of the Photo Pairs cards

Back of the card

Back of the Photo Pairs cards

Tips & ideas

Creating tip:

  1. Create a photo pairs game with pictures showing a certain theme for a party, a stag night or a special gift occasion such as a birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day. Your friends will be impressed, guaranteed! Another brilliant idea: A Photo Pairs with the faces of all the family members; grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and their friends.
  2. After having uploaded the images you may click on every single picture in order to get to the image settings. Here you may change the sector that will remain after the cards have been cut in production. Just move the cutting frame while holding down the mouse button. This is to avoid that for example heads will be cut off.
  3. With the selection of your photographs you decide how difficult the Photo Pairs game is going to be. Card pairs with one-coloured backgrounds are easier to recognize than card pairs with many different colours and a varied background.

Price-performance tip

We would like to introduce the Photo Pairs game with 72 cards as the price-performance winner. It happens that customers inform us that they do not have that many photographs and ask us what to do.
In that case we would like to explain that images with e.g. a shell, an animal or a flower make a good figure on the Photo Pairs game cards as well. Why not going outside and shoot a few pictures, the cards do not have to contain only faces.

Game strategy

  1. Do not try to discover the cards in a crisscross way, but turn them in sequence. Otherwise, you might waste some turns by discovering some cards several times.
  2. Stay calm! It is more difficult to remember things whilst being exited - as the experts say; oxygen stimulates, just take a deep breath and try to concentrate.
  3. Play slowly and do not try to keep up to the speed of your opponents. This will give you time to remember the cards you have seen before. Mainly children often play this game much too fast.
  4. Pay attention when it is the turn of an opponent. Often one is only fully in the matter when it is ones turn.
  5. Never turn two new and unknown cards. In such case, only pure coincidence would lead to a pair.
  6. Better: Turn only one new and unknown card in the hope to see a card, which double you have already discovered before.

Pairs game variants

 Photo Pairs game with 36 cards

36 cards

Your last Matching Pairs game has already been quite a while ago? Well, in that case the Photo Pairs game with 36 cards might be the ideal re-entry for you. Connect gaming joy and memory training in a personalised board game. Go and search for matching photo pairs - with your own images the encouragement is all the better. The 36 cards Photo Pairs is also suitable for in between, on holidays, at a birthday party or just in your garden or on the balcony.

For all thinking athletes and game fans, who neither want to be unchallenged nor overwhelmed. Children obviously train their memory skills better, when they search for cards with photographs of their family, friends or pets. Besides that, their motor skills are strengthening by discovering the cards. This of course also applies to the elderly.

By the way, the Photo Pairs game with 36 cards is an appropriate gift for a Birthday, for Christmas and other occasions.


  • Entertaining and quite challenging
  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Quality of memory training: medium
 Photo Pairs game with 72 cards

72 cards

Why not go the whole hog? Memory game Professionals prefer to have the 72 cards version on their table - so the table should not be a small one. Sit down, grab your cards and keep your brain on the hop! Above all, especially on rainy days the Pairs game fans get their money's worth with their 72 cards Matching Photo Pairs game.

The ideal gift for thinker.

The Photo Pairs with 72 cards is our price-performance winner. Tip: Grown up may play the game with all the cards and when the children would like to play, you just take same pairs cards away to make it easier for them - by doing so, this game is appreciated by the whole family.


  • Stimulating and challenging
  • Level of difficulty: high
  • Quality of memory training: high


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Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to put a text on the cards?

With a photo editing program of your choice you may put a text on the image beforehand and upload the edited file on our site. At the time being we do not yet offer this feature in the ordering process.

I do not have enough photographs for a Photo Pairs game with 72 cards - what can I do?

In that case we would like to explain that images with e.g. a shell, an animal or a flower make a good figure on the Photo Pairs game cards as well. Why not going outside and shoot a few pictures, the cards do not have to contain only faces.

How can I change the image cut area and avoid faces being cut off?

After having uploaded the images you should click on every single picture in the preview. With one click you will get to the image settings, where you may select the sector that will not be cut off when the card gets cut into its quadratic shape.

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